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BWRC 01 Rocking Chair

This rocking chair uses traditional European chair-making techniques as well as the most modern digital CNC production methods. It speaks to its moment in time, simultaneously looking to history, the humble origins of hand made series production furniture, and to the future, considering modern manufacturing practices and addressing contemporary themes such as waste, sustainability and cradle-to-cradle production. Using only sustainably sourced ash wood for the main frame and steam bending processes, the production methods for this chair keep waste wood to a minimum whilst retaining a very strong structure.

The seat and back are made using pressed cane, which provides a comfortable support and as part of the process of fitting, becomes a structural component, keeping the whole chair frame in tension.

The timeless aesthetic of this piece allows it to live both in traditional and modern environments. The chair frame will be offered in painted wood colours, ash and oak, the cane seat and back will be offered in a range of natural cane and complementary colours.